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Hotel Social Media Ideas Photography and Engagement

Photography & Engagement

People respond to beautiful, curious images and want to feel include through participation. Drive engagement through creativity.

Travel Tips

Travel tips are easy to create and to go viral. From contact lens cases to travel wallets to hiking boots, there’s always an opportunity to spice your followers’ desire for travel.

Hotel Social Media Ideas Travel Tips
Hotel Social Media Ideas Places and Attractions

Places & Attractions

Hotels need the ecosystem of location and other businesses around them, as guests want a balance between comfort, activities, and amenities.

Itineraries & Guest Involvement

Invite your guests, directly or indirectly to post and tag your hotel and specific hashtags. Create “Instagrammable” places around the property.

Hotel Social Media Ideas Tourist Itineraries
Hotel Social Media Ideas Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Every social media effort can be duplicated with behind the scenes posts. Even the activity of publishing posts can be used to create more posts. Never miss a chance.

About The Area

Most hotels focus on showing what happens inside their walls. Guests are also looking for experiences, regardless of the intent of their trip.

Hotel Social Media Ideas Area Around the Hotel
Hotel Social Media Ideas Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage

Turn ancillary revenue into something interesting. To avoid repetition, use external inspiration.

Events, Groups & Occasions

Create exposure for your event facilities. Discern which social networks to post about leisure events and which to post about business events.

Hotel Social Media Ideas Events Groups and Occasions
Hotel Social Media Ideas Calendar and Observance Days

Special Dates, Polls, Contest, Hashtags

Think ahead of your followers and post about what they are already reacting to. Reuse content you already have and know they will pay attention.

About The Property

You got this. You know about your own hotel. Although our default is to produce content about the hotel, remember that social media is about people.

Hotel Social Media Ideas About the Property
Hotel Social Media Ideas Citywide and Seasonal Events

Seasons & Citywide Events

There’s always something happening in your city. Take advantage of that keep your brand on your followers’ minds.

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