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What People Say

“... I decided to visit their office and learnt more about digital marketing and the strategy for our hotel.
Rodrigo has been very clear, helpful plus very supportive in regards to all the initiatives we should deploy. I would love working with him again.”
Ignacio Gutiérrez
5-Star Hotel Manager, D'Angleterre Copenhagen, Metropole Geneve
“Rodrigo has a fully rounded analyst skill set - not just the technical ability to configure systems and ensure accurate, consistent data gets to where it needs to be - but crucially then has the marketing knowledge to provide insights into the right actions to take next.
That ability to zero in on the most efficient use of resources is invaluable to any decision maker - resulting in better outcomes and far less wasted effort. The latter should be a key KPI for any data professional!”
Steve Corney
Director of Web Marketing, Diligent Corporation
“Rodrigo has a meticulous and data-driven approach to marketing.
His deep understanding of the tools and technologies of digital marketing coupled with natural curiosity makes him an excellent strategist.”
James Wagstaff
Head Of User Experience,


232 Social Media Ideas PDF Cover - 24 Pages

Limitless Social Media Ideas Cheatsheet

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Hotel Google Analytics Course for Marketing Managers - Rodrigo Vronscki

The 7-day Analytical Hotelier

A Google Analytics course in your inbox with the critical metrics hoteliers need to know, but were never told

The User Engagement Audit

Visitors want something from your website. Understand what it is.
Remove the friction.
Bring in the bookings.

A 7-point audit of the user behaviour on your website that will drive instructions and guidance for your hotel’s new bespoke website build.

The Hospitality Huddle Newsletter

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Join 2 22 226 2260 2260+ Followers

Get invaluable insights weekly.
Become data-driven.
Deliver tangible results.

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