You searched for SEO Galway and found us

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Rodrigo Vronscki Digital Marketing Expert Consultant


You searched for SEO Galway and found us

Galway SEO Agency & Expert Consultancy

Get more purchase-intent organic traffic by outranking your competitors
Rodrigo Vronscki Digital Marketing Expert Consultant
Rodrigo Vronscki - Digital Marketing Expert Consultant

If you landed on this page, you most likely searched for SEO Galway. You found our agency because we practice what we advise.
With our approach to SEO, Google ranks us on the first page and we can do the same for your company. We can launch your target search phrases into a competitive search engine optimisation campaign.

SEO Hands-on Expertise
European and Global Brands

Hands-on Expertise on
European & Global Brands

Alison Courses - Consultant - SEO Strategy is a top global e-learning player with over 17 million learners and over 2,000 courses

Consulting to audit the website and devise an SEO strategy, Rodrigo was later brought into the company as Digital Marketing Manager, developing omni-channel projects and global programmes.
D'Angleterre Hotel - SEO and PPC Strategy

D’Angleterre is one of the few 5 Star Superior Hotels globally and the only one in Denmark

A comprehensive strategy comprised of SEO, Pay-per-Click, Local SEO and Metasearch solidified the hotel’s position on Google’s first page..
via Aró Digital Strategy

EPIC Museum - Email Automation Strategy

EPIC is “Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction”, a modern museum in Dublin, Ireland, that has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors

An extensive strategy, including PPC, Local SEO, Conversion Optimization, Email Automation and Net Promoter Score, literally put EPIC on the map and in Google’s Top 10 “things to do in Dublin”.
via Aró Digital Strategy

Stansted Citylink - Local SEO Strategy

Citylink is a leading European coach service, providing routes throughout Ireland, Scotland and, formerly, London-Stansted

An strategic combination of PPC, SEO and Local SEO rapidly expanded Stansted Citylink’s audience to compete with the almighty National Express..
via Aró Digital Strategy

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Hundreds of companies are optimised for SEO in Galway. It’s the new norm now. Websites that are not optimised will fall behind in search results, and with them, their business listings.

Optimise your website for top results

Local SEO

If you are a local business, you need to appear on the local-pack, a dominant section of the results page that drives leads to your website and phone number, directly from Google.

Get leads and customers from your local area

Content Marketing

Inbound marketing has different flavors. Not always company blogs will work. At, we uncover how your audience can best engage with your business.

Match your audience to your content

SEO Audit & Strategy

SEO Audits find the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Based on them, we decide what are the most impactful areas to be prioritised. From link building to content strategy, we got you covered.

Find your company’s SEO priorities

How We Work

Customised Strategy

Your brand is like no other. Therefore, we won’t offer you a package or any ready solution.
We focus on understanding your business, your audience, and your products and services – so a successful strategy can take you from point A to B.

Peace of Mind

Good-bye, fear of being tied to a long contract!
We want to earn your trust.
That’s why you will have no setup fees and a short-term contract. You can judge our work and results before you decide going for the long run.

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You will be informed of every step of the way.
From defining a roadmap, to weekly metric breakdowns, to performance reporting calls directly with Rodrigo Vronscki, you will be kept in the loop and aware of your results.

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Mobile Web Design Agency Galway

Be proud of your mobile-friendly website

As an SEO and Web Design Agency, we take a big picture approach with your marketing budget and traffic.

We help you present your business at its best to your target audience, at the right time, with a professional look that will improve the overall reputation and perception of your brand.

Search Engine Optimisation

The difference between Paid and Organic Results

An organic position is a long-lasting result.
Paid positions will be gone the moment you stop paying for them.

Google is transforming search results in a way companies that don’t invest in SEO need to pay for ads over and over.
For instance, the whole travel industry is now dependent on Google advertising, from flight tickets to hotel bookings to museum tickets. Even local map results now depend on paying per click or commission to Google.

When you partner with an SEO company in Galway, you are investing in long-term results for your website.

Get long-lasting results for your business

Local SEO for your local business

Local-pack is the most important feature in Google results nowadays.
It displays the 4 nearest / most relevant / best optimised businesses in Galway in a map on the results page.

According to recent research, 72% of people – who do a local Google search – will visit a business within 8km in the next 72h.

That’s how important having search engine optmisation on your website and web 2.0 listings are (Google My Business, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) You get customers at your door in Galway just by having your business optimised for online channels.

Appear on local searches for your local customers

Your local business ranking Nationwide

Local results can also rank for national search terms. It’s all about working your SEO Ireland wide.

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Q: Why should a company invest in SEO services?

  • More than 40% of online revenue comes from organic search traffic.
  • SEO leads convert at a 14.6% rate. Comparing to print and offline advertising, they only manage less than 1.7% conversion rate.
  • 72% of people who do a local search will visit a store or supplier within eight kilometers of their location.
  • The average SEO campaign generates an ROI of 135%.
  • The first result for a search phrase attracts 33% of the traffic for that specific query. The fifth-ranked result only gets 5%.

The best search engine optimization (SEO) services can give your business a fair advantage. Good positions can improve brand awareness, help you generate more leads, and improve your top and bottom lines. Millions of Google searches happen in Ireland every day. It’s an incredible number of people going to Google looking for services or products.

To be present for these people, your company needs an excellent SEO service. After all, SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it achieves high rankings for your target keywords. But excellent SEO is what takes your website from being virtually invisible up to the first page. This is really important because 75% of searchers never go beyond the first page of search results.

Even an amateur service can increase traffic numbers. But it won’t provide you security of staying in good positions for a long time. Your competitors can invest in a good service and outrank your pages. That’s why investing in professional SEO services is the best sustainable approach to revenue growth.

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Q: How to get SEO to improve your business?

For SEO to boost your business revenue, the best way is to create a strategy. After all, effective SEO is about understanding your potential customers intent and adapting your website and content to their needs. This calls for a unique set of on-page and off-page SEO techniques, ranging from creative to technical.

A good SEO strategy includes building an optimized website that loads quickly, uses keywords correctly, and displays properly on all devices.

Content strategy is another essential element of good SEO. Your content needs to answer your user’s burning questions. Every content page needs to add value for your website visitors. Matching your content to your user’s intent is the most important aspect.

The last essential point of an SEO strategy is the links to your website, including internal and external links. Links are the best way to build authority and show search engines the credibility of your site. Reaching success with SEO starts with a solid strategy.

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We will assess your website and brand to help you understand where to start your SEO journey.

Q: What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO is a set of techniques to improve the positions of a page in the organic results on search engines for one or more search terms.

This optimisation has a wide range of methods, but can be summarised into two topics:

  • On-Page Optimisation: Relating to changes made on the page, website or assets on the server where the website is hosted on.
  • Off-Page Optimisation: Relating to changes happening outsite of the website or server where the website is hosted on.

Q: What is On-Page Optimisation?

On-Page Optimisation are changes made on the page or website, include files on the server where the website is hosted on.

Some simple examples of on-page optimisation are:

  • Meta-Tags: HTML tags like Page title, Meta-description, Headlines 1 to 6 (H1 to H6), Image file names, Image Alt tags
  • Keyword Optimisation: Including keywords in the text of the page so search engines can see the relevance of your page
  • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing): Including synonms of the keywords in the text of your page, so search engines can arrive to a clear contextualisation of your page
  • Rich Snippets: Including Javascript or HTML codes in your page, so search engines can read information that not necessarily is on the text of your page, like your address, phone, business type or questions and answers like these you’re reading
  • Other examples are: Robots.txt, a file where you tell the search egines what to index and what to forbid indexing; Sitemaps, files where you tell search engines which pages to use and prioritise when crawling the website

Q: What is Off-Page Optimisation?

Off-page optimisations are changes happening outside of the realm of your website.

Some examples of off-page optimisation are:

  • Link Building: This is specifically forbidden by Google in it’s worst execution, which is setting up a network of servers and websites pointing to your website so it can look more relevant. However, the natural link building is allowed. This allows your website to receive backlinks from other websites, news outlets and business directories
  • Business Listing: Listings like Google My Business help add context to your website, where you are able to include location, business categories, services, products, opening times and much more
  • Citations: Mentions of your website or brand by other websites, but without the link to your pages. Google sees them and adds more relevance to your website

Q: What are Page Redirects?

Page Redirects are the substitution of some pages by others via codes or files in your web server. With them, when users tries to load a page, they will end up on the page set in the redirect.

When meeting a redirect, search engines attribute the SEO value of the original page to the new one.

What are 301 Redirects?

301 Redirects are a permanent type of redirect. This “permanent” attribution occurs by browsers caching this redirection, without further request to the website server.

What are 302 Redirects?

302 Redirects are a temporary type of redirects, in which browsers do NOT cache the redirection and will still request the server to always check if the status has changed. The 302 code has been replaced with the 307 code.

What are 303 and 308 Redirects?

These are permanent and temporary redirects, respectively, that are only used in special cases, like pages using POST methods of data transfer.

What are Canonical Tags?

Canonical tags are HTML codes placed on a page so it is redirected to another page or to itself, increasing the certainty search engines would have when crawling that page.

Unlike redirects, that are configured in server files, canonical tags are placed in the HTML code of the pages.

Q: What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links on other websites pointing to pages on your website.

Just like a network scientific studies, Google and other search engines attribute more value to the most cited (linked) websites. This way, the more links you get – and the higher their value – the higher the SEO value your website will have.

Do all backlinks transfer SEO value?

Google, for example, detects the contextualisation of the pages linking to your website, along with the relevance of the content and the quality of the website. This will make sure that only relevant links will transfer SEO value. Irrelevant backlinks will be either discarded or generate a penalty to your website, if used in an unnatural way.

What are Do Follow links?

These are backlinks that, by not using any modifiers, tell Google that it can transmit as much value as possible to your website.

What are No-Follow links?

These are backlinks that use a “no-follow” modifier, stating to search engines that no SEO value should be transmitted directly. However, there is still value value being moved from these links, as your website was cited and linked to.

What are Citations?

Citations are mentions of your website that contain no link or no SEO attribution. Google keeps count of these citations and will attribute value to your website, especially if the citations you have are ranking on the first page of results.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the text that contains the link to your page.

It can be split into a) keyword-specific, b) branded, c) URL-specific, and d) unrelated. 

The most valuable anchor text is the “keyword-specific”, as those are links that contain a given keyword for which you want to rank for. However, if more than 65% of your links contain keywords in the anchor text, Google will penalise your website, as it understands that it’s unnatural.

The least valuable anchor text is the “unrelated”, as it made of links contain words like “here”, “website” and other unrelated words.